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This template is great for leads that have gone unresponsive or that you were never able to successfully connect with in the first place.

Simply copy and paste the text below into your email marketing software, insert the link driving recipients to your leadPops Purchase Funnel, and select the segment if your database you want to send to. Send this out towards this end of the month.

Subject: Requesting Permission to Close Your File

I am writing to follow up on my email, text, and voice mail.

I am in the process of closing out files that I've been unsuccessful in making contact with over the last few weeks.

With rates this low and the end of the month approaching, we need to clear up room in our schedules to help people who want to buy a home in the next 30-180 days.

Typically, when I haven't heard back from someone, it means they are either really busy, or aren't interested.

If you are interested, what do you recommend as the next step?

Thanks for your help.


Your Email Signature

P.S. Chances are you're pre-qualified to buy a home... so don't wait. Rates are going up soon, and this could be your chance to own!

There is no cost or obligation. Start Here.

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