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This template is great for past clients as well as leads in your database that only include a name and email address.

That includes opt-ins from a Lead Magnet (an ethical bribe, like a free report or guide, in exchange for contact information), single property websites, a list of past clients, and leads you've purchased or generated, but never closed.

Simply copy and paste the text below into your email marketing software, insert the link driving recipients to your leadPops Purchase Funnel, and select the segment if your database you want to send to. 

Subject: Secret Weapon for Homebuyers

If you're thinking about buying a home now or in the next year, there's no better place to start than getting a pre-approval letter.

It lets you know exactly what you can afford before you start searching.

Once you find something you like, a pre-approval letter will also help you negotiate a better price with sellers, and beat other buyers' offers who haven't been pre-approved.

There's no cost or obligation, and it only takes about 60 seconds to complete your request.

You might say it's your "secret weapon" when buying a home :)

Click here to get yours now!

If you have any questions, reply to this email, or you can call or text me anytime at (XXX-XXX-XXXX). Looking forward to hearing from you.


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