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Any savvy marketer should want to know how to analyze their stats. Each minute adjustment in your campaign can affect your conversion rate. And, a single 1% increase in your conversion could be the difference of countless leads and ultimately, a deal!  

Therefore, as you adjust or invest in your marketing, the best practice is to ensure you're also analyzing the statistics.

Check out the instructions and this video below for instructions on how to view each funnels' statistics.


1) Log into your leadPops account here -->

2) Below All Funnels, click on the desired form that you want to view stats on (i.e. 203k Home Finder)


3) The Funnel will expand and you will see all of the options available for the form.  A 7-day glance view of your funnels performance is now available upon expansion:


4) To view your form's stats over a longer period of time, click Stats


Here is what it looks like start to finish:


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