MODULE 5: Better Realtor Partners

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In this Module, you’ll learn how to get Realtors excited about and using your funnels. Included are call scripts and email templates you can use to approach new and existing Realtors, plus a copy-and-paste Facebook post you can give them to start generating leads.



How to use funnels to grow your Realtor relationships & referral business

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Realtor Co-Marketing: the “Logo Combinator”

Combine your logo with your Realtor partner’s logo into ONE logo without using a third-party graphic design service or tool.

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Realtor Co-Marketing: the “Conversion Path” 

Turn your Realtor partner’s home search website into a “mini Zillow!” Rebel Local's Conversion Paths convert home search traffic into high-quality leads — they also discourage other lenders from prospecting your Realtor partners (Andrew calls this ‘putting your flag in their lawn’).

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Realtor Co-Marketing: the “Extra Content” 

Add extra content in the footer section to your funnels including you and your Realtor partner’s name and contact info. You can also add your Realtor partner’s listing info and pictures, your reviews/testimonials, and more. 

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*As always, confirm with your compliance team before utilizing any leadPops example text or content*


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