How to use Zapier to connect to your leads to your CRM

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1. Sign up for Zapier

Zapier is a free service that helps connect software. In essence, it's an "If this: _____, then that: _____" software. For example, you could set up a process that does the following: "If a leadPops lead is generated, then it'll be sent to my CRM."

When signing up for your free account, we recommend using the option to create a username and password. You can also sign in with your Facebook or Google account, however, that will make it harder for third party companies (that is, us) to sign in and help troubleshoot when needed.

Some instances do require an upgraded Zapier account. This includes if you're using "premium" apps (such as Salesforce for Jungo), if you want more than 5 zaps, or if you're trying to filter responses. But for most clients, the free account will suffice!


2. Activate your Funnels Account to Zapier

Before you go to Zapier to set up your Zaps, you need to make sure that your leadPops forms account is activated to work with Zapier and also to generate your API key which will then connect your leadPops forms account with your Zapier account.

In order to complete this request, you'll want to hop into your leadPops admin panel here:

Once you log in, click on ANY form in your account going to this path:

Edit > Settings > Integrations

Once you are in there, you should see the Zapier logo. Make sure the logo has a green box and check like below:


If that green checkmark is NOT there, then you will want to click on the Zapier logo and you should see a page that looks like this:


What you are looking for here is if “leadPops Authorization Key” is activated. If you see an API key in the field box, then you know it is activated. If it is not you want to want to click on the green “Generate Key” button. Once you do that, copy this API key you will be entering into Zapier in one of the upcoming steps.

If you want to see if more than one form is activated for Zapier you want to click on the Zapier logo in the image above and you’ll get to a page that looks like the one below, select the “Select Funnels For Zapier” button.


Then a module will open up and you can select and/or see which funnels are connected. If you want to make sure all forms are added simply select the “Select all forms” option:


3. Connecting leadPops to Zapier

Once you've got your API key from the leadPops funnels admin you are ready to connect your forms account to Zapier.

Log in to your Zapier account and click on the "Create Zap" button at the top left-hand corner to get the process started.


On this next page search "leadPops" in the search bar. Select the option that simply says "leadPops"


Next, you will see a page where you will authenticate the connection between your leadPops forms account and Zapier.

When you click to choose your account you should see a box open up like the one below. This is where you will enter the API key you generated from your leadPops funnels admin.


Once you have connected your account, it is time to select which leads you want to connect with this Zap. This part is done in what Zapier calls the "Event". Notice how there are two choices:


1. Ignite Lead - if you are on our Ignite program and want to integrate those leads, select this option. 

2. New Lead - Use this option to integrate leads from leadpops Forms in your admin. 




Assuming you're using specific forms from your leadpops forms platform, this is the part where you can select which forms are selected. Leaving the “Folder List” as “All Folder” and not filling anything else out means that all funnels are connected to Zapier. The “Tags List” and “Funnels List” will let you dial in which specific funnels are set for the Zap.


Once you've selected the funnels for your Zap, you will just press the continue button and run a quick test. Once you've done this you are done with connecting your funnels with Zapier and you are now ready for connecting Zapier to your CRM.


4. Connecting Zapier to your CRM

Once you have done the test you will be prompted to search for your CRMs App on something like this

Every CRM will differ, if you have any questions or issues with specifics on connecting Zapier to your CRM, contact your CRM for help.

Since the setup of the Zap is very similar here is how a typical connection would work. First, you will connect to your CRMs account, just like you connected your leadPops Funnels account to Zapier. It can either be an API key from your CRM or the login to your CRM. If you have any questions on this reach out to your CRM.


Once your app is connected, you have the opportunity to customize which fields are brought over to your CRM. You'll want to match the fields so that the leadPops "firstname" value goes into the CRM's "First Name" field, for example.


You can also select the down arrow icons to customize make additional customizations within your CRM. 

Once you have all of your fields matched, press "Test and Continue" and look for the green checkmark. 


5. Your Zap is now ready - turn it on!

Your Zap should be all set! All you need to do is turn it on. At this point, we definitely recommend sending a test lead to ensure it was delivered successfully. If it wasn't for any reason, you can always check the Zapier "Task History" - it's a good place to start troubleshooting as it'll show you where something may have stopped functioning along the way.


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