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While this is more of a technical aspect of SEO, nonetheless, it’s a vital part of the SEO picture.

The way your website/pages are structured is factored into how the search engines will place your page in the search results. Similar to how well written content is rewarded, a page that is designed well is also rewarded.

When working with leadPops, we design your pages with an emphasis on proper page structure and excellent usability. So as a leadPops website client, these are items you don’t have to worry about working on.

However, for those using other website platforms, we will go over the important aspects of SEO page structure so you can get better results from your SEO efforts.


Site Crawlability

When a search engine robot (also known as a “spider”) visits your website, they call it “crawling” your page. By crawling your page, the search engines are reviewing the information that is on it. Making your site easy for the search engines to crawl will make sure the search engines see all everything they need to see.

Using search engine friendly CSS code when creating navigation elements on your website will help search engines crawl through the code and read your content.

Also, using text links to create alternative navigation paths in the footer or breadcrumb navigation helps crawlability.

Create a XML site map list of all the URLs from your website that you want search engines to crawl, and add specialized text link pages to your HTML site map.

Each text link page can list 100 (or fewer) text links to important pages within your website. You can create more than one site map page, but it’s important that each page contains less than 100 links. Spiders regularly crawl HTML site maps, so by providing links to all your interior pages within the HTML site map, you increase the opportunity for spiders to find and crawl those pages.


Mobile Friendly

Make sure your page is responsive, or has a mobile version. As more and more people use mobile devices to browse the internet, it is vital for SEO to have a page that works great on mobile. All leadPops pages are mobile ready.


Page Load Time

This concept is simple, if your page loads fast, it is a good thing for SEO. Flash, too many images, messy code – all those will hurt page load times.


Keywords In URL

When selecting the URL of a page, it helps to include the keywords you want to be found within in the domain. It will further reinforce the focus of your target keywords and the relevance of the page to the search engines.



When creating webpages on your own, keep these key points in mind for optimizing page structure.

If you’re a leadPops website client, SEO page structure is not something you need to work on, since we take care of it for you. This gives you a few less items to worry about in order to reach your search engine goals.

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