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Page links have been a major factor in SEO for about as long as search engines have been around. They are the most powerful off-page tactic you need to use if you want to reach your SEO goals. Page links work as “votes of confidence” that search engines collect to see how the outside world sees your page.

When it comes to links, not all links are created equal. There are links that are more powerful than others, and there are some that can end up hurting you.


Link Quality

When it comes to links, it’s quality over quantity. If you want to be found for “mortgage rates” and your page has a link on a website that is considered a good authority on mortgage rates, then that backlink will be a lot stronger compared to being linked on a website for “Hawaiian vacations”.

If the search engines have deemed a website as trustworthy and you are linked on it, that is big vote of confidence for you page. Concentrate on getting your page linked on websites and pages that are an authority and related to the keywords you want to be found for.


Text Within Links

When you add your link to another site, it’s important to have the text within the link relate to what you want to be found for. So again, if you want to be found for “mortgage rates”, make sure that the phrase “mortgage rates” is included in the text of the link.

The idea is the search engines see the keyword you want to be found for within the link text, it further verifies that your page is relevant to the keyword.


Paid Links

Getting quality links can be hard work. Naturally, there are ways to find places where you can purchase links. As I’ve said before, there are no shortcuts.

When it comes to paid links, the search engines are very aggressive at finding them, and once they identify that your link has been paid for, there is a very good chance you will receive a significant drop in your placement. Avoid paying for links for this exact reason.



Links are very powerful for SEO purposes. As I’ve said, it’s very important to do it right.

When you are developing your link strategy, it’s crucial to go after the websites that are most relevant to your keyword goals, and pages that are considered as authorities in that subject.

When coupled with proper on-page SEO tactics, links, or votes of confidence, will help you reach your SEO goals, and increase exposure for you and your business.

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