What are Smart Lists?

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Smart Lists are what’s awesome about My Leads. They’re lists you get to create based on criteria you decide on. 

Start from a list of all your leads, then add filters based on any of the following:

  • Answers to Funnel Questions
  • Status
  • Creation Date
  • Address
  • Rating
  • Tags

For Funnel Questions, you can either include or exclude leads based on how they answer a question. Only want to include those that said their Credit Score was above 700? No problem. Or exclude those that already have a Real Estate Agent? Sure thing. 




Same goes for Status. You can include New Leads, exclude the Unqualified. It’s all up to you.

Each filter has its own set of criteria: include/exclude, is empty/not empty, contains/does not contain, more than/less than. The list goes on.

You have a lot of options and a lot of different ways to curate the Smart List you want.

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