How do I contact my leads?

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From My Leads, you can contact a bunch of leads at once or reach out to a single lead.

Multiple Leads

For contacting multiple leads at once, you can send out an Email Blast or a Mass Text. 

Both of which can be done through your Smart Lists. Select a Smart List, select the recipients, then click the Send Email or Send Text option. Then you’ll get to create your message.

For emails, you’ll be able to add:

  • Subject Line
  • Email Message with formatting
  • Attachments
  • Cc contacts
  • Bcc contact


For texts, you’ll be able to add:

  • Up to 250 characters
  • Basic text + Emojis


We’ll send your message to the leads you selected and record the Communication Log. Super easy to keep track of.

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Single Lead

You can contact a single lead from the dashboard on their Quick Profile or their Full Profile.

From their Quick Profile, you can:

  • Send an Email
  • Send a Text

From their Full Profile, you can:

  • Send an Email
  • Send a Text
  • Log a Phone Call
  • Create a note

My Leads will keep track of the emails you send, text messages, call logs you enter, or notes you create. You can even add tasks to follow-up with them. All in one place.


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