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Check out a top-to-bottom guide on what to expect after you purchase a leadPops Conversion Pro Website. 


1. Checklist

We'll be sending you a website checklist to fill out. A few tips:

  • It doesn't save "as you go," so be sure to complete this in one sitting. It shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.
  • Fill it out with as much accuracy as you can to reduce future revisions later. We can of course accommodate content changes before your website goes live, but it can affect your launch timeline. It's best to get this right the first time, if possible.
  • If you need help choosing a domain, we have a guide for that.
  • The website's color scheme will be built around your logo colors. If you don't have a logo, we'll create something simple for you. Or, I recommend using free online "logo design" tools that make it simple and fast to create something for the short term. Don't let a logo prevent you from capturing leads.
  • Be sure to include your 1003 Link if you have one
  • We'll provide a basic "About" section if you don't have one written already. However, we recommend that you think about your value proposition and include this across all online profiles. We have a guide for what to write, too. 

2. Our development team will email you a proof within 5-7 business days

This proof will come on a "temporary domain" - in other words a link you can use to check out the website, but your customers won't be able to find it.

Our websites are dialed in and ready to go from the moment we send you this initial proof. Therefore, we recommend that you launch your website right away. Every moment that your ConversionPro website is not live, you're losing out on potential leads and therefore potential deals. 


3. Launch your website

To make your website live, respond to the email with the proof that you are "Ready to launch!" We'll take it from there. Simple as that! 


4. Website changes

Even after your website is launched, we can continue to make some adjustments. We recommend that you review all content for accuracy (remember: a typo on your checklist = a typo on your website.)

If you need to make any content adjustments, be as clear and detailed in your email to as possible. We'll go through two rounds of revisions with you to get the website just right. After that, there will be an hourly development rate applied to your website change requests.


Tier 1 Requests - Free of charge

The follow types of requests can be included with your two rounds of revisions (within reason.) 

  • Minor theme changes: text colors, button colors, text formatting
  • Image swaps
  • Copy changes
  • Add a stickybar
  • Minor changes that can be accomplished with CSS
  • Add Google Analytics code
  • Add any type of Pixel code


Tier 2 Requests - Custom Development

The follow types of requests can be added to your website, but will incur a web development rate of $97/hr.

Important Note: We recommend discussing your changes with a leadPops marketing advisor before requesting these types of adjustments. In other words, we love website customizations that help you close more deals (e.g. pages that highlight your specialty loan programs or incorporating third party widgets). However, adjusting content for cosmetic reasons doesn't necessarily help with lead conversion - which is our primary focus.

  • Creating a new section that does not currently exist
  • Adding functionality that does not currently exist
  • Changes exceeding 1 hours of
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom development to Existing integrations


Tier 3 Requests - Will Not Do

The reason we can provide websites to you at an affordable rate is because we have designed a system that is built to convert. We are not, however, a custom website development company. Those types of websites can easily run you $5,000 - $20,000. Therefore, the types of requests we cannot accommodate include:

  • Custom themes
  • Custom home pages
  • Custom websites
  • Strong manipulation of home/inner pages
  • Changes exceeding 20 hours of total custom work



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