Organize Funnels by Folders & Tags

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The Name and Tags section lets you name a Funnel, as well as add or remove Tags. This becomes extremely helpful when organizing your Funnels. 

1. Log into your leadPops account here --

2. Select the Funnel you'd like to organize the Name for, or that you'd like to add a Tag for 



3. Select Edit -> Name & Tags 


4. In this section you can edit the (1.) Funnel Name, (2.) Folder it lives under, and (3.) add or remove tags for categorizing your Funnel. 


5. This becomes very helpful when you start making more and more Funnels. Go to the Select Funnel section at the top left hand side of the page and you'll then see the The Name and Tag search bar at the top of your admin panel will let you perform a "quick search" and find this form rapidly. 



Reach out to our support team if you need help with this.

855.532.3767 ext 2

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