Best Practices for Using Your ConversionPro Blog

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Congratulations, your new leadPop ConversionPro Blog was just integrated to your website! Which means monthly ever green mortgage related content uploaded straight to your website, built for lead capture! Below are some key tips on how to best leverage the the content you have at your arsenal.


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Built For Engagement:

Remember, the content you have is intended to be used to bring your viewers, followers and sphere of influence back to your site. It may not always be the time to buy or refinance for your leads, but you certainly must stay top of mind and instill confidence in your sphere that you are the mortgage professional to turn to when the time is right. Your blog content allows you to do just that! Here are a few ideas on how to use your content.


Share on Social! - With the new blog formatting you can easily share to your social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and even Pinterest. Picking and choosing which post to share and when will be key. 


leadPops ProTip: Focus on posting strategically rather than overly frequent. A strong post with a small call to action would be best.

  • Example :

Ever wonder about the do’s and don’t of the First Time Homebuying? Check out our most recent advice here: Millennial First Time Home Buyer Do’s and Don‘ts - San Diego

Monthly Newsletter - This same blog content can be used in a monthly outreach to your current database. Built in with additional details about the temperature of the housing market or rate updates as well this can be a great addition to a marketing practice to continually bring awareness to your clients and be the trusted advisor they deserve!


Email Signature: Anywhere and everywhere is an opportunity to open an avenue to your ConversionPro website. Having your blog in your email signature opens another door which leads your viewers closer to you. Consider the best tagline to hyper link to, or even create a hyperlinked image as well.

  • “Check out our latest Blog Post”

  • “Want to Learn More: The Pop Mortgage Blog Has Your Answers!”



Utilize in your Follow Up Campaigns - We all know that following up with your consumer direct leads is an art, and if you are not good at it you will certainly not make progress to closing more loans. So what are leads looking for? Buyer tendencies show that speed to lead is a huge factor in success, but what about the leads who are harder to contact? What about the leads who are just researching options? These are the leads you want to put into nurture campaigns. The focus of your nurture campaigns should not be to push forth the application but rather give addition information that align with common buyer and refinancing fears.

  • For Example: The lead may be confused with how the mortgage process all works, so sending them content about it is a great way to keep them engaged and still keep the door open for conversation.

“ Hey _______


The mortgage process can be a confusing one and that’s what we here at Pop Mortgage really focus on: Making this process as easy for you. Here’s a quick post we wrote on helping your understand some of the process more clearly. “Link Blog”


By the way, you can hop into my calendar here for your no hassle consultation. I’d love to answer any questions you have to help your dreams of homeownership become a reality! “



Finally don’t forget to repurpose content! Just because you shared it once doesn’t mean you can’t ever share it again. Pick and chose your opportunities wisely and always look at your buyer personas. Sending out the right content at the right time can be a game changer for you and your business.

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