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With the Form Builder, you get to add and remove different types of questions to your form and then go in and edit the content of each question one by one.

This includes what kind of options are available to answer each question and the kind of user experience potential leads have when filling out each question.

To create a form:

  1. Go to the Lead Forms Dashboard:
  2. Click the orange + Create New Form button in the menu bar.
  3. Enter a name, tag, and folder for the form.
    • You can change these later, but they're always helpful for organizing your forms.
  4. The Form Builder opens with a Contact Form and Thank You Page already added to your form by default.
    • All forms must have a Contact Form for you to capture information we need to create a profile for your leads in your system. 
  5. Look at the list of Question Types on the left. They're the questions you can choose from to add to your form. The different types are based on how users input their answer to your question, such as select from a Dropdown or enter in a Number.
  6. Drag and drop a Question Type from the list on the left to your list on the right.
    • Your Contact Form must be the last question in your form.
  7. Once you drop the question, the Question Editor will open for you to edit the question content.
  8. Continue to add as many questions as you want to your form.
    • There's no limit, but you also don't want to tire out your lead with too many.
    • You can remove a question, by hovering over it and clicking Delete.
  9. Hover your mouse over the Question # or the Move option on a question to then drag and drop the question in the order you want them to appear.
  10. Use the EDIT HOMEPAGE CTA MESSAGE button at the top your Form Questions list to edit the CTA that displays on the first question.
    • You can also disable it from showing at all by setting it to INACTIVE.
    • See also: Edit the Initial CTA
  11. Then use the FEATURED IMAGE button next to that to upload the main image that displays to the right of your CTA and first question.
    • You can also disable it from showing at all by setting it to INACTIVE.
  12. Scroll to the bottom of your Form Questions to your Thank You Page. Hover over it and click EDIT to edit the content for it.
  13. Click the green SAVE button in the menu bar to save your form.

After you save it, use the VIEW option next to it to view your form in a new tab. 

You can start sharing your form through social media, an email blast, and Conversion Paths or go back and edit any other settings for your form.

See also: Form Checklist and Best Practices

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