Intro to the leadPops Platform

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Welcome to leadPops!

Your END-TO-END solution for getting more clicks online, better quality leads, and an easy way to stay in touch, so you can turn those leads into clients.
Lead Forms are THE way to capture leads online. They're a series of questions asked to potential leads online so you can gather information about them to determine if they're a good lead.

We provide you with a bunch of templates to start from as well as a Form Builder for you to create and edit your own.

You decide what questions are important to you and then we help you create that experience.

See also: What are Lead Forms? 


Rebel Paths is our secret ingredient to you promoting your Lead Forms online and getting it front of as many potential leads as possible.

They're mobile-friendly banners, pop-ups, and full page takeovers that you get to create and then display on webpages you already share online. 

We provide you with a bunch of templates as well as a Rebel Path Editor for you to create and edit your own.

Test out your different rebel Paths and see which ones placed where brings in the most clicks.

See also: What are Rebel Paths?


My Leads is our answer to "what happens next?" after you capture a lead.

We bring together all the Lead Profiles that came in through your Lead Funnels as well as any leads you added manually yourself.

Then you get to create lists based on what you know about them and how they answered the questions in your Lead Funnels.

This is where it gets funs. You can then take that list of leads, create an email or text specific to them, and then blast your message out to them.

We'll keep track of the communication between you and them and keep you updated when they respond. 

See also: What is My Leads?


It's our 1-2-3 Platform Punch to giving yourself the most possible leads, the best possible leads to choose from, and an easy way to contact them, so you can turn those leads into clients.

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