Do you have any Form Templates?

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We do!

Depending on the package you signed up for, you should see a bunch of Lead Forms already waiting for you on the Lead Forms Dashboard.

Some are geared toward the Mortgage industry, others Real Estate, and finally more generic ones for Websites.

And if you're in any of those industries, you're in luck. Because when we built our system, we tested it. A LOT. Which means the questions and design on each Lead Form have been A-B tested to the moon and back.

We're pretty well-established in the marketing industry and our track record shows that. If you're still not sure, feel free to check out some of our success stories in our Google reviews, or schedule a time to see a demo with one of our marketing advisors. 

You can start sharing your Lead Forms with people online as soon as you want, but we recommend editing them at least a bit to match your brand and your personality.

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