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At leadPops, we wanted to give you as many options for filtering your leads as possible. Because that’s the start to creating a great Smart List, keeping up with specific leads, and knowing exactly how your lead capture strategies are doing.

By Rating

A quick and important way to filter your leads is by the Rating you applied to them. You can add a Rating for a lead from their Full Profile.

See also: Edit a Lead

To filter your leads by Rating:

  1. Select the Rating dropdown in the top left of the My Leads list, and select from the following.
    • All Leads
    • Hot Leads
    • Warm Leads
    • Cold Leads
    • Not Interested
    • Custom Rating (entered by you!)


The system will filter your list by that Rating. Feel free to add more filters your list.

By Tag

Another quick way to filter leads is by Tag. Tags are basically keywords you can apply to a group of leads. For example, Veteran, Self-Employed, or Past Client are all great tags. We provide a few Tag options for you, and you can also create our own.

See also: Edit a Lead

To filter your leads by Tag:

  1. Select the Search By dropdown at the top of the My Leads list, and select Tag.
  2. Start typing the name of the Tag in the text field, select it from the list, then click Search.

You can only search by one Tag at a time, but you can add any other filters.

By Funnel Question

Filtering by Funnel Question is one of the coolest parts of My Leads.

We’ve taken the answers your leads entered to every question of the Lead Funnel they completed and gave you a way to filter your leads by how they answered those questions.

To filter your leads by Funnel Question:

  1. Click the Filters button in the top-right of the My Leads list.
    A list of FILTER OPTIONS will appear on the right.

  2. Expand the Funnel Question option.
  3. Select between Include and Exclude.
    • Include will return leads that answer the question you select with the answer you enter.
    • Exclude will remove leads from your list that answer the question you select with the answer you enter.
  4. Select the Funnel Question you want to filter by.
    • To search for a question, use the Search option at the top as well as the Filter by Folder option.
    • To select the Funnel Question for a specific Lead Funnel, use the Select Funnel option and select the Funnel Name.

  5. Click APPLY, then click the Funnel Question you just add your criteria.

  6. Depending on the type of question you select (text entry, dropdown, slider), you may see additional conditions for how you want to filter by that question.

    For example, for a number entry, you can include or exclude answers that are Equal To, Not Equal To, Greater Than, Less Than, or In Between a number range.
  7. Select the condition, then enter or select any additional criteria.
  8. Finally, click APPLY to apply your Funnel Question filter.

You can filter by multiple questions by adding another one from the Filter Options list.

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