Integrate Your Leads with Bonzo

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If you're using Bonzo as your lead follow up system, then you'll want to integrate leadPops Funnels directly with that platform. 


What we need to connect leadPops & Bonzo is called a webhook URL (also referred to as a posting url). This webhook is something you'll need to get from Bonzo (using the steps below) and provide to leadPops via to complete the direct integration. 


1. Login to your Bonzo account and select "Settings" from your name down-down: 



2. Navigate to "Webhooks" seen here: 




3. Then click "Add new webhook" displayed here:




4. Name your webhook, assign the campaign, then select "leadPops" from the integrations downdown menu displayed below: 




5. Copy this webhook URL. This is what you'll email the leadPops support team in step 6.




6. Send us your Bonzo Webhook url via email to In that email, include the url and let us know if you'd like this webhook url (integration) connected to ALL of your leadPops Funnels, or just specific leadPops Funnel URLs. 







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