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Email Blast Your Database with a Link to a Funnel...

"Email marketing has an R.O.I. of 4,300%."

Direct Marketing Association

When it comes to marketing, an email has the ability to reach a huge audience faster and cheaper than just about anything else.

The average working adult checks their email over 100 times per day.

A well-executed email campaign can persuade consumers to take action, convert them into customers, and eventually repeat clients and referrals.

The strategy is to use an engaging subject line that piques their interest, with relevant content, but still have it look and feel like a real email you just wrote yourself to each individual recipient...

Not some canned e-newsletter template with a recipe for tuna casserole.

Keep in mind: you can email blast any potential home buyers, including leads you've generated in the past, leads you've purchased from Zillow or other sources, referrals, etc.

Any lead that's inactive or unresponsive—even leads that have been generated and shared by your Realtors who've gone cold—can be brought back to life with a quick, tactful email.

From your Funnels Dashboard, you're simply going to select your "Conventional Purchase" Funnel, copy the URL, and insert it into the email template below.


So now, let's do a quick dive into the Funnels Dashboard that way I can show you how this works.

View Email Script Templates:

As you can see, it's just that easy! And this isn't just a one-time thing, either.

You should be adding links to your Funnels into EVERY email you send, including integrating them as a standard part of your template, if you're doing something like a monthly e-newsletter.

You can also, just as easily, embed a nice call-to-action button in any email or newsletter, and also include one in your email signature.

The best part is: we can help you with ALL of this.

To learn more about optimizing your email marketing to generate more leads and sales, book a time with a leadPops Marketing Coach now!

There is no additional cost or obligation.

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