Shorten Funnel URLs For Easy Sharing

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Make it easy for your Marketing Partners to refer their clients, leads, or other contacts your way!




Bitly is an excellent tool to shorten your Funnel URLs, making it easier to include in a text message. It's simple:

1) We'd recommend that you start by Co-Branding your form with your Marketing Partner. Check out our guides on how to do that:

2) Go to, and paste the URL for your co-branded form where it says "Shorten Your Link." You'll be provided with a shorter URL that looks something like:

3) Provide your newly shortened URL to your marketing partner so that they can use it in their text messages - whether it's in an auto-response sent to new leads or in conversations they're having with new buyers. Feel free to provide the written content to your Marketing Partner so that it's as easy as possible. 

Hi, I'm _______, your Realtor.

Let's get you pre-approved to buy! It only takes about 60 seconds to get started.

Go here -  {insert bitly link}

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