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We developed an easy-to-use editor for you to create your rebel Paths. It gives you all the options and tools you need to make your design a reality in just a few clicks. 


Please note that the leadPops support team is the extension of your marketing! Connect with us and we'll help put together conversion paths for you!


  • On the left, you’ll see a Settings section for you to select your Conversion Path options. 
  • On the right, you’ll see a Preview Editor for you to preview your Conversion Path and edit it directly like you would your leadPops Funnels.


There are 4 main steps to creating a Conversion Path:

  • Step 1: Basic Setup - This includes selecting the style of Conversion Path you want to create, where it should display on the screen, and the function of your CTA buttons.

  • Step 2: Design - This lets you customize the overall appearance of your Conversion Path like background color, text color, size, etc.

  • Step 3: Settings - This is when you configure how and when you want the Conversion Path to display and any animation you want to add.

  • Step 4: Activate - This step mentions any last actions you need to take to activate your Conversion Path and start sharing it out to potential leads.

You don’t need to decide all that now, but you do need to decide where you want to display your Conversion Path before you start creating it.

You can display it on:

  • One or more of your leadPops Lead Funnels
  • Your own website (or a website whose code you can access)
  • A 3rd party website (one you can’t access, great for demos and social shares)

So before you start creating your Conversion Path, ask yourself: “Where do you want to display it?” 

To start creating a new Conversion Path:

  1. Click the Rebel Local icon on your left menu to go to your Rebel Local dashboard.


  2. You can create a Conversion Path from scratch or use one of our templates.
    • To create a completely new Conversion Path, click the + Add button at the top.


    • To use one of our templates, click the TEMPLATE BY LEADPOPS tab, review the list of templates, then click LOAD TEMPLATE
  3. Give your Conversion Path a name, tag, and folder.
  4. Select where you want to display your Conversion Path online.
  5. Enter any additional information and click NEXT.

The location you pick determines how you’ll activate it.

  • For Lead Funnels, you won’t need to do anything but click Activate and your Conversion Path will appear when people go to your Lead Funnel link.

  • For your own website (or one you have access to edit), we’ll provide you with a code snippet to copy-and-paste the Conversion Path to your site. 

  • For a 3rd Party website, we’ll create a Clixly link for you to share that will make your Conversion Path appear on the site when people go to your link.
    (This works great for sharing links on social media or demoing your Conversion Path to potential partners.)

    NOTE: Not all websites are compatible with Rebel Local Conversion Paths. Our system If this happens, you can either ask if the website admin can embed your code snippet on their site. 

The Conversion Path Editor will open to your new Conversion Path ready for you to start designing!

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