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The rebel Path Summary at the top of your dashboard works as a gut-check into how well your rebel Paths are doing in general.


We show you:

  • Total rebel Path(s) - number of rebel Paths you created
  • Total Views - number of times people visited your rebel Path link
  • Total Conversions - number of times people clicked on one of your CTA buttons
  • Total Conversion Rate - percentage of rebel Path views that result in a CTA click

You can filter these stats using the rebel Path search options to get a more detailed look into how different sets of your rebel Paths are performing.

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To improve the accuracy of your stats and remove any stats on rebel Paths you’re still testing, we gave you some extra filters for the following:

  • Total rebel Paths - hide inactive rebel Paths or exclude rebel Paths with less than a certain number of views
  • Total Conversion Rate - exclude rebel Paths with less than a certain number of views or conversion rate higher than a certain percentage

Click the SETTINGS icon on the related stat to set these filters. 

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