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Once you activate a rebel Path, we start collecting the following data on it:

  • Day Active - number of days you’ve had the status set to ACTIVE
  • Total Views - number of times people have viewed your rebel Path
  • CTA Button clicks - number times people clicked on one of the CTA buttons
  • CTA Button Click Rate - percentage of views that resulted in a CTA click
  • Lead Conversions - number of times someone went to and completed a leadPops Form from your rebel Path
  • Lead Conversion Rate - percentage of views that resulted in a viewer completing a leadPops Form
  • Total Click-to-Calls - number of times someone clicked a CTA Call button
  • Click-to Call Rate - percentage of views that resulted in a CTA Call click

To view these stats, click the name of your rebel Path from the Rebel Path dashboard.


From here, you can also view stats for:

  • A specific location of the rebel Path using the Show dropdown
  • A specific data range using the Date Range dropdown

See how your rebel Path does on one URL over another. Or compare the stats over week–to-week, over the weekend, or around a big event you host. It’s all really helpful information you can use to plan when and where you share your rebel Paths to get the most clicks.

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