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Adding Extra Content to your Funnels

The Extra Content option was created to give you more flexibility and add more content to your funnels. 


Please note that the leadPops support team is here to do all of this for you. All we need is a bit of detail about what you'd like to have in the extra content section, and which form(s) you'd like this info added to and we'll do it all for you, free! Email to get this added into the queue. 


Remember: You want to keep the content simple. There’s no need to overwhelm people, and ultimately you want to encourage them to fill out your form. But as a marketer, there is opportunity to introduce additional information and value-added content for your consumers.



Here are instructions on how to create Extra Content on your form:


1) Select Your Funnel that you want to add Extra Content to (i.e. 203k Home Finder)


2) Click on Edit, then Extra Content



3) Once in the Extra Content section, you can begin editing your content by typing directly within the Extra Content Editor, and using the toolbar above to format and add more custom elements.



By default, a ready-to-go template is inserted for you in a WYSIWYG (“What You See Is What You Get”) editor. This content is all customizable! Be sure to save your changes as you go.



Check out some examples of the templates below.


Tips and Tricks:

1. If you make a mistake, you can always select the Undo button in the toolbar.


2. Create a powerful Call-To-Action that will draw the user back to an anchor point at the top of the page. Try typing some text, such as “Get Started Now!”  and then press “Add CTA Button."


3. We have created some powerful plug-and-play templates to make the most of this Extra Content section. Use them alone, or in combination with each other. There is no limit to how many templates you choose. And, selecting “blank template” will remove everything.



4. The Extra Content section is compatible with Matterport 3D Tours! You can see an example of a form with a Virtual Tour here:


5. Always be sure to click "Save" as seen below:



6. Bonus tip: Want to apply this change to ALL of your Funnels? Do so with just a couple clicks using the Global Settings Mode as seen below: 



If you need assistance operating the Global Settings Mode, check out the helpdesk article on that here! 


Congrats! Now you know how to add extra content to the bottom of your Funnel!


Leveraging The Extra Content Templates


The Extra Content area is a great way to personalize and further the messaging of your marketing and lead capture. leadPops offers several templates for you to utilize and build off of so you don’t have to start from scratch. Knowing when and where to use these templates allows you to continually improve and optimize everything that you do. 


Here is a video rundown of some of our most popular templates. Remember to think outside the box; these are only a few ways to utilize the templates that are available!




The Default Template


The first template we will discuss is the default template. This template is great for setting expectations and addressing common buyer fears. Your leads are at the gateway to giving you more information. Utilize this template to encourage your leads to know a little bit more about your programs or processes!



The Review Template


The review template allows you to increase your credibility and social proof. Adding a review from a happy client lets your prospects see how great it is to work with you. This third party validation speaks wonders to the art of persuasion and can increase the confidence in new leads continuing their pursuit of you. 


The Co-Branded Template


Perfect for your co-branding efforts, the co-branded template allows you to showcase your professional partners.  Whether teaming up with a Realtor, Mortgage Professional, CPA, Insurance Agent  or others, this is a great way to keep a brand message strong and allow the consumer to understand who they are working with. You can also use this to strengthen your referral relationships and share the leads directly with your partners! 


The Property Templates


There are two property templates that allow you to design and showcase a listing in your area. These templates allow you to turn your form into a single property landing page to use in your marketing. Consider using this template with your real estate funnels, showcasing a new listing in your market or even utilizing this as a sign up tool for an open house registration. 



The Personally Branded Template


This template is great to showcase yourself or your team. With this template you can design for your top employees and allow them to have a lead capture form to use in their marketing whether that be email, direct mail, social media or even email signatures. Consider showing your best photo and your core values or customer service guarantee to allow your viewers to know that they are in the best hands.





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