Funnel Checklist and Best Practices

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The Unlimited Potential of Funnels

Please note that the below is a collection of leadPops' best practices when customizing funnels for peak performance. However, the leadPops team is the extension of your marketing team. Please reach out to us so that we can get an understanding of your existing marketing, then we'll do all of the below for you, free of charge! Email to get started! 


If you’re up to speed with leadPops at all you’ve heard us talk about our coveted lead capture tool: The Funnel. You may know what it is, you may been shown how they look and hopefully you have a ConversionPro Website with us integrated with funnels throughout!

The funnels are a huge part of what makes us top of line in online lead generation and in addition to them being integrated into a lot of our products, you have them at your disposal. Let’s face it, there is a lot of learn here at leadPops! With all that goes on in the mortgage world side sometimes finding time to learn can fall through the cracks. However, a little bit of time set aside to learn how to best implement Funnels can turn into a huge investment moving forward.


5 Key Ways to Customize Your Funnel


The Call-to-Action (CTA) is a simple yet effective piece in online marketing. Information is great, but information overload can be detrimental to the main goal at hand. Funnel’s allow for the CTA to be fully customize-able to say succinctly what you wish the viewer to take action on. Use this feature to promote your funnels for specific neighborhoods, social groups, and events.

Lead Alerts

As soon as someone goes through your form, an alert is sent to your email! But did you know you can set your form alerts to send you a text message as well? Additionally you can add recipients to your lead alerts for specific funnels given to your LO’s or even RE Agents. Using this feature allows for proper tracking of which funnels are performing and better plan of attack on your follow up processes.

Thank You Page

Kindness is underrated. While it may be overlooked your Thank-You Page matters. The Thank-You Page can be customized to fit your needs, align with your style and project your personality to the leads that come through. When you reach out to them they will have a much more welcome feeling and good conversations on how you can assist them will flourish. You can even provide incentive’s on your Thank-You Page.

Extra Content

The Extra Content section allows you to provide additional information to your funnels. You can get creative with this by bullet points for information, a picture, or even a video. Just keep in mind to keep your message consistent and not try to overwhelm the viewer. As a marketer, there is opportunity to test what content you place here. Ultimately adding select content can be very helpful.


Funnels are great tool to share with your business partners! However, sharing the same form with multiple people won’t take you too far. The Logo-Combinator allows for a Co-Branded Funnel approach. Which gives you and your business partner exposure but also the incoming leads a sense of consistency from the platform they entered the form from.


Follow the simple checklist below. For a great example of how a fully customized Funnel can look once completed: Click here



DIY Funnel Customization Checklist 

Estimated time per form is 5-10 minutes. Keep in mind: once you customize one and make it awesome, then you can clone it and just make simple tweaks so you’re not starting from scratch each time. Or, you can make some adjustments in your Global Settings.



1. Clone Your Funnel

Clone the desired Funnel, whether it’s a purchase, refi, or hybrid.

Learn how to clone a Funnel -- Click Here



2. Customize the Sub-Domain

  • Customize the sub-domain to match the traffic source / ad

    For example, if you’re sending out an email blast to your potential home buyers about a down payment assistance program, customize the sub-domain to say something like:


  • Customize the sub-domain so it's relevant to your marketing partners

    For example, if it’s a real estate agent you’re partnering with, let’s say it’s KW Elite Partners, set it up to be:


Watch the how-to video and learn more -- Click Here



3. Customize the Call-To-Action (CTA) Message

Customize the Call-To-Action (CTA) Message to match the offer.

For example, if you’re sending out an email blast to your potential homebuyers about buying a home, customize the CTA Message to say something like:


Want to know EXACTLY how much
San Diego home you can afford?

Take the first step by getting pre-approved here for FREE. Enter your
zip code below to get started in just 60 seconds or less!


Watch the how-to video and learn more -- Click Here 



4. Customize the Autoresponder


Customize the autoresponder to include any specific “next steps” or set expectations with your client. 

The default autoresponder is set up for you, but this is an opportunity to optimize the first email message that goes out from you to your prospect to include things like:

  • Link to your online calendar (a tool like Calendly)
  • Link to your online loan application
  • Link to download your mobile app
  • Link to (the coolest mortgage calculator available)


Or anything else you want to share with your future clients to wow them, provide value, and get the relationship started on the right foot. 


Watch the how-to video and learn more -- Click Here



5. Customize the Thank You Page

Customize the thank you page to include any specific “next steps” or set expectations with your client. 

This is very much like the autoresponder, but even more important because it’s guaranteed that any lead you generate is going to see your thank you page.


The default thank you page is set up for you, but again, like the autoresponder, you have an opportunity to optimize your messaging here to provide a better client experience. 

We recommend all the same ideas as those for your autoresponder, and in addition, consider including: 

  • Client Reviews
  • A downloadable eBook (like a 2019 Homebuyer’s Guide) 
  • A 30-60 video of you introducing yourself and letting them know what to expect next


Watch a quick video with more ideas for your thank you page -- Click Here

Watch the how-to video and learn more -- Click Here



6. Set Up Your Lead Alerts 

Set up your lead alerts to send instant lead notification to your email and your cell phone. 

Your email should be set up to receive alerts right out of the box, but you can add your cell phone and also additional lead alert recipients for business partners, assistants, referral partners, etc.


Watch the how-to video and learn more -- Click Here



7. Additional Customizations (to take your Funnels to the next level)

  • Use a nice background image that reflects your local market to make your Funnel look and feel more local and relevant to your market.

    For free stock  photos, check out and 

    Be sure to use a nice color overlay using the controls in the admin panel to make the background image less distracting and add a nice aesthetic effect.

    Also, use to compress the photo before you upload it to the background to minimize the size and loading time. 

Watch the how-to video and learn more -- Click Here


  • Use the “Extra Content” to add client reviews, a video, co-branding to include your information and a partner’s, and much more.


Watch the how-to video and learn more -- Click Here

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