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The leadPops support team can make adjustments to the footer of your form(s) for you, free of charge! Please email to let us know what items you need in which funnels. 


Here are instructions on how to edit the Header of your form.

1) Log into your leadPops account here

2) Click on the 3 dots (...) located at the right side of the form that you want to edit. 


3) Click on the Edit, then under CONTENT, click Footer.


4) Set Footer to ACTIVE.


5) Under Options tab, set the Footer Preview's Background  and Text Color. There are two options for the color selection.

  • Pick My Own - You can use the color picker.
  • Pull from Logo - You can choose from a range of colors coming from the logo from the Header.


6) You can set the Primary Footer Options and Secondary Footer Options by selecting "Expand". Make sure to set the form fields (that you plan to use) to ACTIVE.


7) Under Images tab, you can upload up to 3 images per side (both left and right).


8) You can resize the images that you want to display in the preview. Note that you can also move the images within each side by dragging them.



9) Click SAVE. Congratulations! You just learned how to edit the Footer settings on your form :)


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