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As a marketer, it's important to customize the Call-To-Action (CTA) Message to match the offer.

For example, if you’re sending out an email blast to your potential home buyers about buying a home, customize the CTA Message to say something like:


Want to know EXACTLY how much
San Diego home you can afford?

Take the first step by getting pre-approved here for FREE. Enter your
zip code below to get started in just 60 seconds or less!


Please note that the leadPops support team is the extension of YOUR marketing team and we will do this for you! All we need is for you to email support@leadpops.com with a bit of info about the marketing objective and we will craft up a call-to-action that is sure to position you with converting visitors into leads at the highest rate!


Here are instructions on how to edit the Call-To-Action message that appears on the first page of your form. Watch the video or follow along below:


1) Log into your leadPops account here -- app.leadpops.com

  • IMPORTANT: if you see the Fast Track To Success menu appear, click on the blue X at the top right of the screen (as shown below)



2) Select the Funnel you want to edit (i.e. 203 Home Finder)



3) Click on the Edit then Call-to-Action



4) Here on the Call-To-Action page, you can edit the main message and description that appears on the first page of your form. Make sure to click on the green Save button after you add your changes.



7. Congratulations! You just learned how to edit the Call-To-Action message on your leadPops form :)

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