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Funnel Questions are really the meat of your form and set the tone for whether you think someone is a potential lead and how you can group them in your My Leads smart lists.

The questions we designed have been A-B tested to the moon and back. Fortunately, we're pretty well-established in the marketing industry and our track record shows that. 

But if your industry is slightly different or you have a question to ask specific to you, you probably want to edit some of your questions.

With the Funnel Builder and Question Editor, you can edit any of the questions on the funnels we gave you and the funnels you created with the Funnel Builder.

This includes:

  • Adding questions
  • Removing questions
  • Duplicating a question
  • Changing the question order
  • Editing question content
  • Editing question settings

Open your Funnel Builder

To edit your form questions, you need to go to the Funnel Builder.

To open the Funnel Builder:

  1. Go to your Lead Funnels Dashboard: https://app.leadpops.com/lp/funnels
  2. Select a form from the list.
  3. Hover over Edit, then select Content > Questions.

The Funnel Builder will open for that form with the Question Types to choose from on the left and the actual questions for that form on the right, in the main area.


Open your Question Editor

To edit specifically the content for your questions, you need to go to the Question Editor.

To open the Question Editor:

  1. Go to the Funnel Builder.
  2. Hover over a question.
  3. Click the Edit button that appears.

The Question Editor will open for that question with the Question Settings on the left and a preview of that Question on the right.


Add questions

The Funnel Builder comes with a set of Question Types you can add to your funnels. They're based on how users will enter their response to your question.

  • Birthday - enter a Month, Day, and Year through dropdown list
  • CTA Message - click a CTA button
  • Dropdown - select one or more options from a dropdown list
  • Hidden Field - nothing, this is for saving data without user input
  • Menu - click a button from a group of buttons
  • Number - enter a digit ($, %, or #)
  • Slider - slide one or two points on a number range to select a number in that range
  • Text Field - enter text
  • Zip Code - enter a 5-digit number
  • Car Make and Model - select a car make and model from two dropdowns
  • Address - Type in an address, have the address validated, and display a map.
  • Image- Visualize the answer to your questions by adding pictures with the answers.

See also: Funnel Builder Question Types


To add a question to your form:

  1. Select it from the list on the left and drag it over to your list on the right in the order you want it to appear.

The Question Editor will open for you to edit the question.

When you're done, you can go back and change the order of your questions using the Move option when you hover over a question.

Remove questions

Any question you add to a form, you can remove. Once you remove it, though, you'll lose the formatting and will have to start from scratch with a new form.

The only question you can't remove is the Contact Form. This is required for us to create a profile for your lead.

To remove a question:

  1. Hover over the question in your list.
  2. Click Delete.
  3. Confirm if you want to remove it.

If you have any conditional logic set up for it, you should deactivate it before you remove the question.

Duplicate a question

Duplicating a question is a great way to create a succession of quick, similar questions for users to breeze through easily or create similar questions that display differently based on conditional logic.

When you duplicate a question, everything about the question is copied, except for the Unique Variable Name. We generate a new one for the new question.

To duplicate a question:

  1. Hover over the question in your list.
  2. Click Duplicate.
  3. Begin to edit the question as usual.

Change the question order

The order you display your questions in a form can impact the user's willingness to complete the form and their user experience in general. 

For example, you might not want to start off with hard, money questions unless that's the vibe you want to establish. It could cause users to back away. Or if you're asking about preferences, keep those questions together before you talk about availability to connect.

To change the question order:

  1. Hover over the question you want to move.
  2. Click-and-hold the Move button.
  3. Drag the question to its new spot.
  4. Drop it in place.

You can also do this by clicking the Question Number on each question in the list.

Remember the first question will have the Homepage CTA and Featured Image on it, if you enable them, and the Contact Form must be the final question in the list.

Edit question content

The main content of a question includes the:

  • Question
  • Description
  • Input Fields
  • Input Options
  • CTA Button
  • Security Message
  • Additional Content

The Question Types come with very basic filler text and formatting for each of these. You'll want to spend time editing the re-editing the question content for all your questions.

To edit question content:

  1. Hover over the question you want to edit.
  2. Click Edit.
    The Question Editor will open for that question with the Settings on the left and a Preview of that Question on the right.


To edit the Question, click in the Question text box at the top of the Settings list on the left. Use any of the formatting options made available. Your edits will start to appear in your Preview as you type them.


To edit the Description, first turn it ON, then edit it in the Description text box just as you did the Question.


Input Fields & Options

To edit the Input Fields and Input Options, type in your next text in simple text fields. For more information, you'll want to look up the question type here: Funnel Builder Question Types

CTA Button


Security Message

To edit the Security Message, go to the Advanced Options area of the Settings, turn ON the Security Message, then click the Edit button that appears. You can edit the Icon and the Text that displays.


Additional Content

Additional Content is a lot like Extra Content, except it only displays for that question.

To edit Additional Content, go to the Advanced Options area of the Settings, turn ON the Additional Content, then click in the Additional Content text box that displays.

For more on the options and best practices for Additional Content, see also: Adding Extra Content to Your Funnel

Edit question settings

In addition to the content for a question, there are additional settings that have to do with what you want to allow to happen as part of the user experience for each Question Type.

A few of the ones you might see in the Advanced Options section of the Settings include:

  • Adding an Other option on a Menu question
  • Requiring users to enter an answer before proceeding
  • Proceeding users the second they select an answer
  • Accepting Canadian Postal Codes instead of American Zip Codes 

You'll also find some for the Options that include:

  • Allowing multiple selections
  • Order of options
  • Including None as an option

For more on all the settings for each question you can edit, see also: Funnel Builder Question Types



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