Can you give me some examples?

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Absolutely! Here are a few ways we’ve seen clients use rebel Paths. The possibilities are pretty endless. 

  • A ​Real Estate Agent might create an Omni Bar Conversion Path and display it on the Zillow Porchlight articles she shares on her social media. On the Omni Bar, she includes a link to Calendly for potential clients to schedule a free consultation.

  • A Loan Officer might add a Lead Pack rebel Path to the online article he shares about the many benefits of refinancing a mortgage. On it he introduces himself and adds a button that goes to his Refinance Analysis landing page.

  • A ​copywriter ​might create a Full Page rebel Path with her email writing services plus a discount coupon on it and have it display when users go to close out of a website that has ​stats on the effectiveness of email marketing​.


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