Create an A/B Test

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A/B testing is comparing the stats of one rebel Path to the stats of another rebel Path with only a slight difference in design to see which design works best.

For example, do people click on a blue CTA button more than an orange one? What about the copy - what gets more clicks?

You basically send half your potential leads to one rebel Path and then the other half to the variation. This way you can try out your design ideas and make an informed decision on which design to go with. The more tests you create, the more you can refine your winning design, the more conversions you get.

To create an A/B Test:

  1. Create a rebel Path and tag it with “A/B Test”.
    Better yet, specify the design choice, “A/B Button Color”.

  2. Create a clone of that rebel Path, make sure to keep the same tag, but change the design based on that single design option.

    For example:

  3. Share the first link out to half of your email distribution list, then share the other link to the other half.

    We recommend using your email distribution list as it creates a more random sampling of viewers and keeps the focus on the design variation.

  4. After a week or so, filter your Rebel Local dashboard by the A/B Test tag and see which rebel Path did better. 

Now you know what design works best! 

As you create and test your different rebel Path designs, consider every aspect from branding to your audience to experience best practices. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, reach out!

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