Optimize your video for a rebel Path

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If you're including a video on your rebel Path, you'll want to optimize it to look its best on your viewers. That includes removing any black bars (or letterboxing as it's called) on the sides of your 

To optimize your video: 

  1. Record your video using the "camera-only" option, then download it to your desktop or other folder.
    Here are a few video recorders that allow you to do just that:
  2. Upload the video into a free video re-sizer such as Adobe Express – RECOMMENDED
    You can create a free account and immediately upload with no hassles.Screen_Shot_2022-08-15_at_4.32.13_PM.png
  3. Depending on the video re-sizer you use, you may be able to resize it yourself or select from different aspect ratios.
    For example, with Adobe Express, you can select the option for β€œResize for Instagram," and then select the 4:5 aspect ratio option.   
  4. After you resize it to remove the black bars, download the video again β€” this time it will be sized correctly for your rebel Path!
  5. Upload your newly generated video back to your video hosting service, such as Loom, and make sure the video is set to Public.
    *Videos need to be publicly shared for it to appear in the rebel Path. It cannot be labeled private.
  6. Now copy your new video link or embedded code and paste into your rebel Path. 
    See also: Step 2 - Design

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