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One of the best things about creating a Smart List is you can create a list based on very specific Lead Funnel questions, send out an email that speaks directly to the leads that answered it that way, then easily send out an email to leads that answered those questions another way.

For example, say you’re a Mortgage Broker and want to let your leads know the rates you’re able to get them, but those rates depend on:

  • the purchase price of the property
  • their down payment
  • their income

You could draft an email where the only thing different was the rate you include, then create Smart Lists based on how your leads answered the questions above, and quickly shoot off emails to the whole lot of them specific for the rates you can get them.

Create your email templates. Create your Smart Lists. And blast out those emails.

To email blast a Smart List:

  1. On your My Leads dashboard, select your Smart List.
    See also: Create a Smart List
  2. Select the leads in the Smart List you want to contact.
    • To select all, click the box at the top of the lead list.
  3. In the bar that appears at the bottom, click Send email.
  4. In the modal that appears, type in your Subject and Message Body.
    • Don’t forget you can use the formatting options in your Message Body.
    • To copy and paste content from somewhere else:
      • Copy: Ctrl + C (for Windows) Command + C (for Mac)
      • Paste: Ctrl + V (for Windows) Command + V (for Mac)
  5. To add or remove recipients, click the + button in the To field, then search and select which leads to include.
    NOTE: Only those recipients selected in this list will appear in the To field.

  6. To add an attachment, click the Attachments button in the bottom-left, choose a file, then click SAVE.
    • You can include as many files as you want. 
    • Max file size is 25 MB.
    • Try to keep your attachments under 5 MB to ensure delivery.
  7. When you’re ready, click SEND EMAIL.

We’ll send out the email and add a line to each of the lead’s Communication History.

See also: Review Communication History

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