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One feature we don’t have yet is the option to call a lead through our dashboard. BUT if you’re making calls from your desk with LeadPops open, you might as well log the call through your My Leads dashboard, so it shows up in the lead’s Communication History.

You can select the phone number you called from and add any notes you want.

To log a call:

  1. Search for your lead from the My Leads dashboard.
    See also: Search for a Lead
  2. Hover over their Name, and click Full Profile.
  3. From the middle of the screen, click the LOG CALL tab.

  4. Enter any notes from the call in the text box.
  5. If there are notes you add a lot, like “no answer”, you can save those notes to your Quick Log, and then add them to any future calls with a single-click.
    • To add a note to your Quick Log, click the + button in the LOG CALL text box, then click Add New Log. Enter the note text, click APPLY, and it’ll show up in your QUICK LOG.
    • To apply a Quick Log Note to your lead profile, select the Note from the list, click APPLY, and it’ll appear as a button below the text box. 
    • To add the note to a Call Log, click the button for it that now appears below the text box.
      logCallAddQuick_myleads.pngNOTE: Not all Quick Log Notes make sense for every lead, so this way you get the option to have an ongoing list of Quick Log Notes, but you also get to decide which ones appear as a Quick Log button for that lead. Once you select a Quick Log for a lead, it will always appear as a button for you to click when you come back to that lead’s profile.
  6. After you enter your Log Notes, make sure you select the correct phone number you called from in the Phone dropdown, and click LOG CALL.

We’ll add the call and your notes to the leads Communication History.

See also: Review Communication History

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