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It’s a mobile world, right? So not only can you email blast your Smart Lists, you can also send a mass text to them.

This works great if you want to let your leads know to check their email, send a reminder about an upcoming event, or even send a link to a listing from your real estate partner.

To send a mass text to a Smart List:

  1. On your My Leads dashboard, select your Smart List.
    See also: Create a Smart List
  2. Select the leads in the Smart List you want to contact.
    • To select all, click the box at the top of the lead list.
  3. In the bar that appears at the bottom, click Send text.

  4. In the modal that appears, type in your text.
    • You can include up to 250 characters.
    • To copy and paste content from somewhere else:
      • Copy: Ctrl + C (for Windows) Command + C (for Mac)
      • Paste: Ctrl + V (for Windows) Command + V (for Mac
  5. To add or remove recipients, click the + button in the To field, then search and select which leads to include, and click APPLY.
    If a lead profile includes more than one phone number, you can select which number from the dropdown.
    NOTE: Only those recipients selected in this list will appear in the To field.
  6. When you’re ready, click SEND TEXT.

We’ll send out the text and add a line to each of the lead's Communication History.

See also: Review Communication History

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