Add a New Lead

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Leads brought in from your Lead Funnels are added to My Leads automatically.

You can also enter leads manually if you gained them through a mutual contact, in-person event, or just at the grocery store.

To add a lead manually:

  1. From the My Leads dashboard, click the + Quick Action button in the top menu bar, and select Add Lead.

  2. In the modal that appears, enter at least the First, Last, and Email Address of the lead. Include any other information you know.

  3. Click ADD NEW.

The lead will be added to your TOTAL NUMBER OF LEADS and LEADS FROM OTHER SOURCES.

You can view it in the SHOW ALL tab and on the TODAY’S LEADS tab (for today only).

Feel free to go into their Full Profile to add more information on them and start contacting them just as you would your Lead Funnel leads.

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