Archive a Lead

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Archiving a lead removes it from the full list of your leads, but it does not remove it from the system. This is a way to clean up your list of leads that have either been turned into a win or closed for one reason or another.

You can restore an archived lead at any time.

To archive a lead:

  1. Search for your lead from the My Leads dashboard.
    See also: Search for a Lead
  2. Hover your mouse over their Name and click Quick Profile.
  3. From their Quick Profile, click the Archive button at the bottom.
  4. Click ARCHIVE PERSON to confirm.

To archive multiple leads:

  1. Filter your leads on the My Leads dashboard to those you want to archive.
    See also: Filter My Leads
  2. Select the Select All checkbox to select all leads in the list.
  3. In the box that appears at the bottom of the screen, click … More Actions, then Archive.
  4. Click YES, ARCHIVE # PEOPLE to confirm.

View Your Archived Leads

To view your archived leads:

  1. Click the … More Actions button in the top right of the My Leads list.
  2. Select View Archived Leads.


Your list of archived leads will appear with all the information for each lead still saved. You can sort and filter your list the same as you could a Smart List.

From here, you can also restore a lead.

Restore an Archived Lead

You can restore a single lead or multiple leads at once.

To restore an archived lead:

  1. Go to your Archive list.
    See also: View Your Archived Leads
  2. To archive a single lead, click the ... More Actions button to the far right of the lead, and select Restore, then YES, RESTORE to confirm.

  3. To archive multiple leads, select the leads from your Archive list, click the Restore button that appears at the bottom, then YES, RESTORE to confirm.

The leads are removed from the Archive list and added back into your full list of leads.

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